Video: ‘Post-truth Age’: Anger at Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’, but not for Obama’s similar moves


Police in the US have used tear gas to disperse protesters in Ohio as demonstrations against Donald Trump’s immigration ban continue across the country.

Via Youtube

  • hvaiallverden

    RT, well, and Sputnjik, is so “westernized” its becoming irrelevant, I only stop there because its an 24/7 open store, other than that, they are to PC.
    Pity but true.
    The difference in the MSM in Russia and the west, isnt that big if you actually thought so, that is wrong, they have their AGW agendas like RT do have, and its pimped as hard there as here, so in that sense no difference at all.

    Just look at all the, dunka. dunka, Hitleri-Hitlera sagas, Hitler here and Hitler there, Hitler in the closet and Hitler inside your toilet, nothing wile and wacko anof when it comes to Hitler.
    Boring RT, and it tells old times like me all I need to know, you are owned and pimps ZioNazi drivel an mass.

    They have becomed Al-jazzed to the sea of irrelevances, among other dying shit-holes aka the MSM News sites.