Video: Obama brags he’d trounce Trump in head-to-head race, pres-elect tweets ‘No way!’


In response to an assertion made by President Barack Obama claiming that he would have beaten Donald Trump if he had run for a third term, the Republican …

Via Youtube

  • Johnny Canuck

    The Liar-in-Chief is starting to believe his own myths and lies.

  • ChickShow

    Said the INarticulate bumbler in chief who CANNOT Articulate 2 full sentences in under two minutes….as Dave Chapelle said,,,,,,Wrap it up!!!! ;)

  • Joe Blow

    The gay, Marxist, Muslim, using a phony birth certificate and illegal SS#, living with a man and two adopted girls in the WH has been a disgrace to our nation. His pathetic gestures at the end of his term is more a sissy bitch hissy fit. 85 million dollars of our money on vacations. Countless hours on golf courses.

    Go back to Chicago and make nice nice with your ex lover, Rahm Emanuel, and leave the presidency to a grown up.

    • In His Face

      couldn’t have said it better myself :) well, maybe the s.o.b. CIA mossad jew terrorist bastard should join his buds in Kenya where he was born :)

    • amoo di

      you cant be muslem and marxist at the same time

      • Joe Blow

        Why. No diff than Jew/Democrat, etc.

        • amoo di

          marxist have no religion ,dont believe in God

          • Joe Blow

            Well we have one in the WH. Whether or not he really believes in anything is up for grabs. Thanks for the clarity.

  • Strayhorse

    Trump shouldn’t even bother to entertain the juvenile bravado that Obama is exhibiting. Who cares Barry? The citizens of America have elected a NEW leader. Get over it.

  • legal eagle

    Hey Obambam, Hillary tried to “trounce Trump” with your help and it took election fraud on a never before seen scale with millions of illegal and dead voters and it still wasn’t enough. Hillary lost in part due to your ineptitude and record of failure, along with her long standing career in criminal activity, which you were also a part. You have an extraordinary sense of self aggrandizement and pathological inability to see the facts.
    In a head to head race run 100% legit you may find that your numbers would be even worse than Hillary’s.

    • amoo di

      well said, beautiful

    • Mr Reynard

      Uppity house niggah !

      • Baron Silas Greenback

        Stupid and ignorant comment which shows lack of education and stupidity.

        • Mr Reynard

          Humph.. Baron Samedi I did call him an uppity house niggah & not an uppity cotton picking niggah ???

          • Baron Silas Greenback

            Ignorant fool ,this is precisely why your country is viewed as a country inhabited by idiots.

          • Mr Reynard

            Baron Samedi you are right !! Country of IDIOTS !! Those IDIOTS have voted an UNKNOWN schwarza mamzer son of a whore as President ??
            IDIOTS is even to mild to describe them ??

  • Jerry Hamilton

    Neither of them would stand a chance against Bernie Sanders.

    • bernie the spoiler

      you mean the kibbutz kid, bernie? hahahahhahhaha!!! and that new home he bought after he took a dive for the mat for Shillary?

      in two letters, his initials stands for what he is, carpetbagging B.S. :)

  • Baron Silas Greenback

    Dear Mr President, You are incorrect Trump is a manifestation of your eight years of poor leadership . Had you come up against Trump the result would have been the same you would have lost just like Clinton.

  • Fred54

    A rabid animal is most dangerous just before it starts foaming at the mouth. Looks like it’s just about there. On the 20th it will be put out of it’s misery.

  • Mr Reynard

    Just two words.. Uppity niggah !