Video: New Jersey cop threatens to beat teens for recording


Read story here.

Via Youtube

  • buy A judge key to cover up

    corrupt police union include court & the legal system, unions will break laws to maintain cover up

  • legal eagle

    The police have gone stark raving mad.

  • Tom

    They are trained in Israel. what do you expect?

    • crime d

      meawhile billions in US taxes go to Arab lands for their people to film cops in their countries to provide reason why we have to overthrow that govt for being a brutal dictatorship that “oppresses its own people”.
      WTFU sheepsters

      • Tom

        “oppresses its own people”.????
        why we have to overthrow that govt????
        US over throw government based on lies of WMD in Iraq.
        Libya was one of the best country in Africa, After US intervention, Now people died by boat loads just to leave the US imposed democracy.
        Even though the backward Taliban had better control on drugs, US flourish the world with Afghanistan drugs via CIA.

        Thanks to Russian who stopped US mercenaries like ISIS and El-CIA-Duh and El-nusra (the good the bad and the Ugly terrorist) US supported against Syrian government.
        F-Off – You must be either Zionist or Zio-turd to spew such BS.

  • desertspeaks

    and cops wonder why people hate them?? this particular cop is a CRIMINAL with control issues! He should be FIRED and prohibited from ever being in law enforcement again ANYWHERE!