Video: It doesn’t live on a ship, nor is it a worm: Meet the legendary giant shipworm


The truth behind the centuries-old legend of the giant shipworm has finally been confirmed by scientists, who got up close and personal with the elusive, …

Via Youtube

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    Someone should do a DNA test to see if it’s related to George Soros.

    • Sc00ter5111

      It sure looks a lot like him and every other Nazi Zionist jew pervert.

    • Brindle Dane

      Ha! Good one;P

    • Le Ruse

      Don’t need DNA test !! You can be sure that they share the same DNA !

    • FreddyB

      What a horrible and insulting thing to say about this poor little critter…

  • zzzak666

    Soy, garlic, shallots etc.

  • chris