Video: Hundreds of Germans form human chain to halt far-right rallies on WWII Dresden bombing anniversary


Hundreds joined hand in hand to form a lengthy human chain in the inner city of Dresden, in defiance to far-right gatherings on the anniversary of the World War …

Via Youtube

  • KilltheBank

    Cucks vs Patriots.

    Good night, left side!?

  • George


    • Scott Banks

      Some people consider it a virtue to kneel and suck when ordered to by their master. Some even enjoy it. Those kind of people are not fit to live. Keep that in mind when the Day of Retribution comes.

  • Scott Banks

    Ever notice how jews never train their goyims to do anything but crawl on their knees.

    • Zaphod Braden

      “The Holocaust is the Holy Grail of white guilt.”
      Political Correctness was an “invention” of socialists at the Frankfurt School back around 1930 to bring Marxist social conventions into mainstream society. Political Correctness has been accurately described as Cultural Marxism. Yes. PC is indeed a Marxist tool of conquest.
      “Political Correctness” is a Jewish YOKE on the necks&mind of Christian Gentiles.
      Any Bible reader knows what a YOKE is, and how the Jews brag about placing YOKES on Egypt and Babylon. The “holocaust” is a YOKE on the minds of Western Christians.
      Slaves are not “allowed” to have opinions, beliefs, or thoughts.
      Slaves are just supposed to unquestioningly do the bidding of the master .
      THAT is what Political Correctness is, the YOKING/enslavement of the Gentiles.
      Make the Goyim afraid to speak a word, or think a thought.
      Why did Christian Spain throw the Jews out the day after the last muslim was expelled?
      Because the Jews “played both sides” for 700 years of Christian oppression.
      Jews instigated the pogroms against early Christians in Rome and the Mediteranian.
      Jewish Bolsevicks genocided TWENTY MILLION Ukrainian Christians in the Holomodor.