Video: ‘Horrible fake reporting makes it much harder to make a deal with Russia’ – Trump


In his first solo press conference at the White House, US President Donald Trump announced his new nominee to head the Department of Labor and berated …

Via Youtube

  • Tedx

    President Trump: Perhaps the fake news delivered by your press secretary, Mr. Spicer, claiming Iran attacked a US vessel off the coast of Yemen has made relations with Russia difficult. Claiming Iran attacked a US vessel when it was a Yemenite rebel attacking a Saudi Arabian vessel that had been shelling his town constitutes the worst case of fake news since President LBJ lied the American people into war by claiming North Vietnam attacked a US vessel in the Gulf of Tonkin. That war cost America the lives of 54-thousand soldiers and bankrupted the country, so the US had to abandon its gold-backed currency and print fiat. And the US lost the war.

    • Scott Kee

      Mr Tedx

      No the worst fake news since Gulf of Tonkin was aluminum tubes. Bar none. It was so fucking silly and still delivered with conviction. Much like your conviction now…

  • Scott Kee

    I want to kiss THE DONALD for this. Right on the mouth. As a libertarian. Fuck me it has come to this.