Video: Blame Putin: Obama scapegoats Russian president for decline in relations


In his final news conference as President, Barack Obama’s highlighted the worsening of Russia – U.S. relations – blaming the decline on Vladimir Putin.

Via Youtube

  • Gilfavor
  • Bob

    Well Russia did throw a monkey wrench into the Syrian plans. But you won’t hear this reason from Obama or anyone else in the swamp.

  • Nexusfast123

    Nothing is ever his problem is it. A sociopath that scapegoats everyone else.

  • Steve

    Between these snowflake Women marching against Trump – you have to wonder what they think Trump will do to them?….and Obama blaming strained relations with Russia on Putin….the only conclusion that makes sense is the GMO’s and the fluoride in the water are at this advanced stage, scrambling the brains of western people.

    • Zaphod Braden

      Those JUDAS GOATS like Madonna, “lady” Gaga, Katy Perry, Milley Cyrus, who teach your children that promiscuity and intoxication are harmless and safe ……. they should be stripped of ALL their wealth to pay for rehabilitation of those they MISled . These so-called female “entertainers” who GROOM young girls into sordid lives and walk away counting their money are nothing but highly paid PIMP’S enablers.

      The people behind the progressive feminist movement have all-but destroyed the normal family unit (Rothchild, Rockefeller and his elite pals wanted to put women to work so they could tax both adults in the household, but on top of that, working women are less likely to reproduce than stay-at-home-moms

      • Steve

        Great post Zaphod, nothing needs to be added.

  • Foxy Moxie

    In what alternate reality has that pathologically lying sociopath Obunghole been living??

  • NobodysaysBOO

    Mr.Putin speaks better english than the GOLF BUM and has lots more INTEGRITY and HONOR as well INTELLIGENCE , THIS IS the big reason no diplomatic work has been done under Hillary or Kerry, NO PEACE ,NO PROSPERITY just more bs and lies.


    RUSSIA caused all the WOMEN to run out into the streets to PROTEST the HELL out of SOMETHING ,nobody know exactly WHAT is being protested!

  • NobodysaysBOO

    President TRUMP gave a poor white guy $10,000 check from his own money on thursday and kept is quite same deal for the MSM they will never say or report and real news or good deeds unless it sells something.

  • Gilfavor

    Vlad will come around now that Donald is in place. I know it sounds weird but, I think Vlad was ‘scared’ of Hillary. Knowing fully well she wanted a war with him. He doesn’t want mutual destruction.