Video: Blair did not deceive Parliament to take Britain into Iraq war – MPs


British MPs have overwhelmingly blocked plans for a new investigation, into whether former Prime Minister Tony Blair lied in the build-up to the invasion of Iraq …

Via Youtube

  • Blog ‘After Downing Street’ – which became Antiwar – promoted awareness of the Downing Street Papers as evidence Corn et al were up to their necks in deceit. The website Leading to War should have a good enough outline of events for most.
    From the other side of the water Cheney’s office was a source for ‘made up’ intelligence. Since the CIA and other agencies had the silly idea of requiring verification, the ‘blowing’ of the head of the MidEast nuclear threat desk Valerie Plame ( Wilson : Joe’s wife ) killed the Brewster Jennings network and possible contradiction. Scooter Libby worked in Cheney’s office, and went to jail over the issue.