Video: ‘Bill, let’s go!’: Obama frustrated waiting for Clinton to board Air Force One


Obama gets frustrated waiting for Bill Clinton to board Air Force One departing from Jerusalem where funeral service of Shimon Peres was held. RT LIVE …

Via Youtube

  • james ha

    i would be in a hurry to get the hell out of there too.

  • robertsgt40

    Just getting a couple of last minute phone numbers. Gotta show obama what a cocksman he is.

  • Jas

    That is creepy funny. I don’t know why people aren’t afraid of catching something when they shake Bill’s hand.

  • doodaa

    The pilot should have left both of them there.

  • Lyin Ryin More

    Lord love a duck, you know those people were wanting him to get his ass on the plane and no one would demand Sick Billie get aboard, so they send B to tell him c’ mon we are leaving already while Shill Bill continues to suck every last vote and $ outta the Israeli crime syndicate. Pathetic.