Video: Alabama cop shoots driver holding wallet


A little more than three years to the date, the dashcam video of Airman Michael Edwards being shot by Opelika police officer Phillip Hancock on Interstate 85 has …

Via Youtube

  • Wile E Genius

    Deadly Wallet

    • ?????? ?????????

      Peace of shit cop !!!!! Stupid asshole .

  • Ron Rushburg

    Bad enough the fat pig shoots him but afterwards no first aid is given, low cnuts. AmeriKan pigs are overfed and under educated violent cowards. Many are psycho ex-military, hooked on murder.

    Wake up US sheeple, these filthy pigs must be shot on sight.

  • Paydro

    Sickening. The cop shoots the guy and then tells his screaming victim not to move. Piece of shit cop. How do these assholes become cops in the first place?

  • anonymous4u4me

    He ask the victim if he is armed after he shot him proving he was not sure when he shot him that he was armed. Therefore he had no reason to fear the man or fear for his life.

  • MA

    The fat bubba want to be cop–pitiful slob who played to many violent video games as a little fat bubba. my prayers for the family and may the murdering cop get whats coming to him. Too many rambos behind the badge–be careful out there.

    • Justin Thought

      Oh, he’ll get what’s coming to him all right. Seven days paid vacation and a lifetime of free counseling. Boy, that’ll teach him!

  • FreddyB

    It all starts with who they hire and how they train them. You’d think you’d want high IQ individuals that are highly empathetic so they can deescalate but they hire the polar opposite train them enough so they don’t shoot themselves and unleash they on the public.
    Dammit, just did a search on cops accidentally shooting themselves and found it’s not as rare as it should be.

  • Foxy Moxie

    Ok, those cracker cops look like idiots, but the victim exited his vehicle in a bizarre manner and the way the moron was holding his wallet initially looked very similar to someone possibly brandishing a weapon…why on earth did the moron exit the vehicle like that? A whole truck-load of stupid demonstrated in this video, but then again it IS Alabama we’re talking about…

    • Trigon500

      Exactly, he exited the car in a bizarre manner holding the wallet in a way that convinced me it was a gun even knowing before I started the video that it wasn’t!
      Here’s the bottom line; the cop screwed up, but the driver is an effing moron!

  • Trigon500

    Who the hell gets out of a car and holds their wallet with two hands as if it was a gun!?!?!
    The driver was a moron!