Make Money Online With Resale Rights

by Nicole Miller

If you could make a wish for the best resale rights product on the market, what would it be? I bet I not only know what it is, I bet I know how you can make that wish come true. Let’s see if I’m right.

I bet you wished for a resale rights product so spanking brand new, only you and a handful of others know about it. Am I right? If not, you should have. Brand new resale rights products decrease your competition and increase your chances of profit. The minute a resale rights product gets well-known, its sellers flood the market and leave little wiggle room (that is, opportunities) for newcomers to profit from it. As someone who wants to profit from a resale rights product right off the bat, you’ve got to keep abreast of what’s new so _you_ look like _you’re_ the only one that has it.

Of course, to make that wish true, you have to know where to find the best resale rights products, right? Well here’s a little gift for you: Google alerts. Use Google alerts to find newly released resale rights products. In case you haven’t heard, Google Alerts is the marketer’s best friend in online merchandising because it sends the freshest web foo on the internet. A lot of marketers use Google alerts to spy on what their competitors are up to, and although that’s a great idea, there’s so much more that can be done with it. Like finding the best resale rights product!

How do you use it? Easy. Head on over to and sign in with your Google account. Create an alert using the keywords, “new” + “resale rights product“. You can have these alerts sent to your RSS reader or your email inbox. Whichever method you choose, Google will send you a link to each and every webpage that mentions these keywords. Using google alerts, there’s no more guessing about which programs are new and which are stale and overused. You can get first notice and capitalize on those products before they hit the mainstream affiliate storm!

Was your wish for products with master resale rights? If not, it should have been. With master resale rights, you get to play affiliate god and _sell_ the right to _sell_ to others who want to (you guessed it) _sell_ to others… often at any price you want. Now how cool is that? A product with master resale rights is golden and the best resale rights product offers it. Use Google alerts to find these opportunities as well, only this time, use “new” + “with master resale rights“ as your alert keywords.

Good luck!

Nicole Miller writes for discount codes where you can find Argos discount codes and PC World discount vouchers.