Can you really make money working online?

by Steve King

The question may as well be ‘how long is a piece of string’?

Sadly there are countless folk who are looking to supplement their incomes and in some cases replace them due to being made unemployed; and they invariably turn to the internet as a way to do it.

There are many facets to making money online, lots of different strategies and lot’s of advice from people only too glad to help you, which more often than not leads you to spend your money on a system that not only doesn’t deliver on it’s promises but puts you in a poorer financial position than when you first started.

It’s true, some people have gone on to make millions working and selling online…but the same can be said of the offline world too. But in the Offline world people are more realistic. Most people don’t believe they can start up a new company and have it making tons of cash almost straight away. It can happen but it’s definitely the exception to the rule.

It’s strange then that the make money online experience seems to have an almost polar opposite in terms of people’s expectations.

Some key things to remember if you are going to try and make a living for yourself working online…research, research, research!

If you were to start a new offline business then I’m sure you would complete due diligence and see if it was financially viable. It’s an absolute must for you to do the same online.
If you’re going to sell a product or a service, it’s important for you to understand who your customers are, what they want and how much they are willing to pay for it.

Then you have other considerations to make, such as how will you present your offer.

How will you process payments and deal with refunds. How will you deliver your sold item? What about providing an after sales service to make sure you retain your customers.

How will you interact with your prospects and turn them into customers? Plus a whole host more…and that’s before you even begin to think about the technical side of having a website and ensuring you get seen by the millions upon millions of daily internet users.

The best way to do this is to have a plan. Even better to have a ‘Business Plan’. It’s all very well having a wish list but they don’t often get fulfilled.

Have a very specific Business plan, which is broken down into micro-sections of all of the many areas you are going to have to look after will be a massive help if you are to succeed. It all comes back to research.

The more time you spend researching your online business before you start it, the less time and money you will waste later on.

One last thing to think about if you’re planning to make your living online, ask questions. As it’s often said ‘the only silly question is the one you don’t ask’ and the great news is there are tons of places online for you to find out the answers; and in most cases you will get the answer for free. You just need to research.

Happy Online Marketing
Best regards

Steve shares his experiences of Internet Marketing on his Blog and also enjoys new technologies, which help him spend more time on the golf course.