3 Tips to Triple Your Adsense Revenue

by Paul McCarthy

This year I am on a quest to generate a steady and reliable income through Google Adsense.

Up until now I have always concentrated my efforts on selling products (either my own or others as an affiliate) but I’ve been meaning to take a bit of a foray into contextual advertising for one key reason: you don’t have to sell anything.

Given that getting people to part with their hard earned cash is one of the toughest skills to get good at both online and offline, it stands to reason that Adsense should be a fairly easy way of generating an income…

But like anything, it’s only easy if you know exactly what you’re doing…And in that light I want to share my 3 best tips for maximising revenue from Adsense.

1.Pay Close Attention to Cost Per Click Values when doing Keyword Research

Typically, keyword research consists of looking for keywords that have high search volume, low competition and decent commercial intent.

When your objective is merely to sell the click rather than an actual product, the commercial intent of a keyword is largely irrelevant — instead you should focus on the average cost per click.

Here’s why — Google acts as a broker between the advertiser and the publisher. You, as the publisher, get paid 60% of what the advertiser is willing to spend per click.

In other words if you have contextual advertising on a blog that contains content about lucrative topics such as FOREX trading or weight loss then you’ll get paid more than if you blog about why the sky is blue.

2. Make Sure your CTR is at Least 10%

The CTR (Click Through Rate) is the percentage of visitors to your site that go on to click on one of your ads. If you’re getting a CTR that’s lower than 10%, then something somewhere along the line is not quite right.

Usually, this is due to poor placement and styling of contextual ads. Ideally, you want your ads to blend in with the rest of the content on the page.

In looking at the above example, you’ll see that the ads are strategically placed to obtain the high click through rates. It is not uncommon to get a click through rate of 20% and above using that particular theme.

3. Become an Analytical and Tracking Jedi

The last thing you need to do is track everything. You now have the ability to link your Google Analytics account to your Adsense account and this will tell you exactly which pages on your site are generating you the most income, which of course is very useful information.

Often you’ll find that your highest converting keywords aren’t ranked in the first spot in Google. When you consider that the 1st ranked result gets somewhere in the region of 40% of all clicks you can often significantly increase your earnings by spending a bit of time to get a proven winner ranked top.

Paul McCarthy is a full time internet marketer who teaches others how to make money on the internet