Mainstream Media Promotes Medical Myths by ‘Dispelling’ Them

By Neil McLaughlin | The MSNBC TODAY Show recently teamed up with drug companies to help “dispel” several “medical myths” that were “passed down by your grandparents” and which may have led you to believe you were actually healthy.

In the conveniently anonymous article “7 Medical Myths That Can Kill You (5/21/08)“, which offered no means for reader feedback, TODAY reminds us that if we don’t treat diseases early and often, we will die. The ghostwriter of the article does not even hint at the idea that a healthy diet can be a factor in disease prevention. After all, the Chief Medical Editor of The TODAY Show (who ranks right up there with the Chief Medical Editor of the National Enquirer) Dr. Nancy Snyderman wants you to remember that only advances in patentable technology can prevent disease (oh and please buy her book).

The TODAY Show ultimately sends the message that your getting treatment is extremely important for the health of the Medical Industrial Complex.

Here are the 7 individual messages that their article sends (see if you notice a pattern):

1) You need an annual checkup (You need annual treatment). Within a year, most every drug commercial has become obsolete, and many of those drugs will have been exposed as highly dangerous. In order to get the latest, untested treatments it is important that you go to a doctor at least once a year, even if you don’t feel sick.

2) Vaccines are not just for children (You need adult treatment). Why just poison your kids with mercury when you can poison yourself, your spouse, or other family members? Dr. Snyderman says “Vaccines are the most important medical breakthrough of the past century… and they are not just for children (so) it is important for people over 30 to get booster shots”. In case you have recently become informed about the dangers of vaccines that contain mercury, viruses and untested chemical combinations, along with possibly causing Autism (which of course they fail to mention), TODAY is recommending you get vaccinated for many things. They recommend the HPV vaccine despite the fact that there exists no proof that cervical cancer is even caused by HPV, and men don’t even have a cervix! TODAY also recommends expensive flu shots that essentially cause the flu, while preventing a few percent from getting last year’s flu. They even promote an adult shot for chicken pox! As for understanding the combinations of multiple vaccines at once, just let them know (after taking your shots) if you feel sick.

3) Doctors play favorites (You need the latest treatment). If you are African American, Hispanic and/or elderly, you are likely to have been denied new treatments by your doctor (which may be the reason you are still alive). Unless of course you are actually in Africa where treatments are being forced on children “to save them”.

4) We’re winning the war on cancer (You need conventional treatment). The article goes on to discuss how we have “cured” some types of cancer, where “cure” is defined as someone who manages to survive 5 years of conventional treatment such as radiation, surgery and chemotherapy. In other words, if you are a good enough customer, they will say you are cured! Meanwhile cancer rates in China are skyrocketing.

5) You’re never too young for pharmaceuticals (You need early treatment). — Even young people can die of strokes, so why wait until you are old before you start taking dangerous drugs like Lipitor?

6) Natural is not necessarily safe (You need unnatural treatment). — Be sure to ask your doctor before taking anything natural. Remember: natural substances may interfere with all of the toxic, unnatural products your doctor will prescribe. More importantly, natural substances may interfere with your doctors ability to make a profit.

7) You can never snap out of mental illness (You need psychiatric treatment). If you have ever experienced a bout of sadness or a fit of anger you are NOT normal, and you will NEVER be normal, EVER! But don’t feel bad… treatment is available! Remember: if you feel sad, it’s not because you haven’t had a date in months, it’s not because you are unemployed and homeless, and it’s not because you are 29 and diabetic! You are sad because you have a chemical imbalance in your brain. Naturally, doctors say this imbalance can never be rebalanced by anything natural. This chemical imbalance in your brain can only be balanced by a handful of highly toxic chemicals that are strong enough to throw all of your other organs off balance. You must keep taking these drugs for the rest of your life in order to “feel like yourself again”. Only somebody making $200,000 per year can really know for sure.

MSNBC reminds us that “If we are to take care of ourselves, we need to know how to access the best health care”. In other words, to take care of ourselves, we must rely on others (who just happen to be multinational, profit-seeking, pharmaceutical corporations). They add that one of “the greatest enemies in the battle against… disease (is your) personal belief (system)”. I believe that is Socialism.

So there you have it! MSNBC and The TODAY Show say you need treatment, any kind of treatment, maybe even all kinds of treatment (and to be fair, if you believe them, you do). After starting treatment(s), you can be proud to know that you will be distributing these new medicines every time you urinate, and that will help treat and balance all of the fish, frogs and turtles in your local water supply.

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About the author

Neil McLaughlin is a computer scientist and inventor specializing in 3d graphics and simulation. He can be reached at naturalnews461 (at) yahoo (dot) com.