Woman Successfully Defends Herself from Armed Attacker Only to Be Shot When Police Arrive

South Huntsville, AL—  A woman was shot by police Sunday evening after her estranged husband, against whom who she had filed multiple protection orders, broke into her home and threatened her with a weapon. Lisa Skinner, was at the house she shares with her mother on Sunday as Bradley Skinner, broke the glass on a back door and entered the home carrying a pistol and a large knife.

The frightened woman asked her mother to go to a neighbor’s to call the police for help, and her mother set off the home security system on her way out. Lisa previously stated ‘I left in fear of becoming a victim of murder/suicide,’ as she applied for a restraining order against Skinner.

The order was in effect on Sunday when the break-in took place. Aiming to defend her life, Lisa Skinner, 52, armed herself with a shotgun and moved to the garage. Bradley, 59, who had been ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation as part of their divorce, followed her and allegedly aimed his pistol at her. That is when Lisa Skinner shot the man in his chest.