War criminal Tony Blair urged Gaddafi flee during Libya uprising

Tony Blair encouraged Colonel Gaddafi to flee Libya and find a safe haven as the Arab Spring intensified and rebels raged against his regime, newly released correspondence has revealed.

The ex-Labour prime minister, who presided over Britain’s 2003 invasion of Iraq and its bloody aftermath, urged Gaddafi to find “a safe place to go” as unrest escalated in Libya in 2011.

Blair told Gaddafi that removing himself from his stronghold in Tripoli as part of a “managed” political transition was crucial before the crisis in Libya reached “the point of no return.”

Colonel Gaddafi’s regime had attracted global condemnation at the time, after his security forces opened fire on crowds of pro-democracy protesters. The UN sharply condemned the regime’s brutal crackdown and drew up a resolution against its “gross and systematic violation of human rights.”

Via RT.