Video: Accountable Democracy Conference

Cynthia Mckinney
Cynthia Mckinney on the US after Obama’s re-election

John Bailey
John Bailey of the UK’s campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom on a media run by the one percent

Annie Machon
Annie Machon ex-MI5 whistleblower on the disastrous War on Drugs

Michael Ratner
Michael Ratner of the US Centre for Constitutional Rights on human rights outrages in Obama’s America

Paul Rea
Paul Rea interviewed, author of Mounting Evidence: Why We Need a New Investigation into 9/11

Tony Gosling
Tony Gosling, Bristol broadcasting legend, on the Crimes of the One Percent

Richard Cottrell
Richard Cottrell, journalist and ex-MEP on Operation Gladio, NATO’s documented thirty year war of false flag terrorism in Europe