US warning about terrorism is to justify funding military industrial complex: Analyst

The latest warning by the top US intelligence official about Daesh (ISIL) inspired extremists threatening the United States is a deceptive scheme to exaggerate the threats facing the US and continue funding the military and intelligence budget, a former American intelligence linguist says.

On Tuesday, James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, claimed that attacks by “homegrown” extremists by are among the most imminent security threats facing the United States in 2016.

Clapper made the remarks during a testimony before the Senate Armed Services and Intelligence Committees as part of an assessment of threats facing the country.

Clapper’s warning about ISIL-inspired homegrown extremists in the US threatening the country is “incredibly exaggerated because it’s being done in order to justify an unnecessary budget required to continue the real horrid spending by the military-industrial complex and their accomplices in the intelligence community,” Scott Rickard told Press TV on Wednesday.

“What’s very interesting is the way James Clapper continues to create this facade of dangers that Americans are basically being threatened with such as cyber warfare or any type of threats coming from Daesh or ISIL and homegrown extremists and those kinds of things,” Rickard said.

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