US Republican candidates guarantee WWIII: Former CIA contractor

Republican presidential candidates do guarantee a third world war by losing the White House to Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, says a former CIA contractor.

“It’s just amazing what’s coming out of the Republicans, the GOP’s mouth that’s almost like they really want Hillary Clinton to be elected and guarantee a third world war,” Steven Kelly told Press TV on Monday.

Commenting on the latest remarks made by Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham, Kelly said, “He has absolutely no chance to be president.”

Graham lashed out at President Barack Obama over his foreign policy and argued that his policy helped the rise of the ISIL terrorist group in the Middle East. He also criticized Obama for the withdrawal of US military forces from Iraq and said, “He left Iraq too soon.”

Kelly said, “Clearly, I don’t think Iraq has any desire to see America return, especially now that they are having such trouble with ISIL and they are actually finding Mossad and the CIA employees working and actually capturing these people on the ground assisting ISIS (ISIL). So clearly this is nonsense.”

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