US has become a massive big brother police state: Journalist

The US Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency are spying on all people around the world, particularly those in Islamic countries that Israel does not like, a broadcast journalist in New York City says.

“This government has not only become a massive big brother police state that meddles in everybody’s personal private lives here, it’s become a colossal monster that has spread its tentacles all over the planet,” David Christie told Press TV on Tuesday.

Washington is “using arbitrary and unwarranted powers that were absolutely unthinkable by our founders, including the self-declared right to murder you,” Christie said.

“Our huge secret police state is watching everything you do and studying everything you say and your emails and your phone calls and this state of affairs arose mainly in the past 15 years as a direct product of the fear and terror resulting from 9/11,” he added.

“CIA, NSA, FBI, DEA, it’s like an alphabet soup of cops and spies who are paid to make sure nothing you do isn’t the subject of some intrusive and an unwarranted attack on your privacy and liberty,” Christie said.


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