TSA Now Deciding If You’re Allowed Your Medication


Several stories have been circulating recently about people’s medications being confiscated by the TSA. In some cases, these are potentially lifesaving medications, such as nitroglycerin for heart patients or insulin for diabetics. 

We’ve written in the past about TSA screeners messing with people’s medicine and medical devices, such as the case of Savannah Barry, whose $10,000 insulin pump was ruined when the TSA insisted she go through the strip-search scanner, and the woman whose insulin pump was mistaken for a handgun, and Melinda Deaton, whose feeding tube was pawed, and Michelle Dunaj, a leukemia patient with various medical tubes, whose saline solution bag was punctured. These are just a few examples. There are thousands more.

We even have the FDA telling passengers they have to notify the TSA about their private prescription drugs. Think about it: you have a condition for which you take medication – a condition that’s nobody else’s business – and you’re supposed to announce it to the TSA at the checkpoint?

So that the expert clerks, with their immense knowledge of medical conditions and treatments, can decide whether or not you’re allowed to take your private, personal medication with you??

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