Tony Blair’s spin doctor escapes Iraq inquiry's rebuke


Former British Prime Minister Toby Blair’s spin doctor Alastair Campbell is reportedly set to be cleared of any wrongdoing by the Chilcot inquiry into the UK’s role in the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Campbell will escape serious criticism by the inquiry report due on July 6, sources said on Sunday, despite having a role in compiling  the infamous “doggy dossier” that made the case for the Iraq war.

The dossier, which was based on faulty intelligence, said that former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction that could hit British targets in Cyprus within 45 minuets.

Campbell, who worked as Director of Communications and strategy for former Labour premier Blair, had reportedly a role in creating the dossier that was presented to the government and the media.

The Chilcot inquiry’s blame will therefore fall on Blair and intelligence officials.

It is reported that Campbell has not received a letter from the inquiry that sets…

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  • Mick McNulty

    Campbell was a party apparatchik not an elected MP and he was given access to secrets he should not have had access to, papers which were above the clearance of many MPs and even some cabinet ministers were denied access to what Campbell saw but shouldn’t have.

    Blair started killing beside Clinton a few years before many of us had even heard of the simian Georg W. Bush, so he is the biggest killer alive and the biggest killer in Britain’s long and bloody history. Campbell is a war criminal who should stand beside Blair in the dock for his Iraq lies.

    • davecad

      the bosses of these people should be standing trial for war crimes . you only have to listen to George w bush to realise how much of an idiot he was but the ideal candidate for the banking establishment to become president of the united states . bush,blair,clinton and Cameron all get their orders from somewere and it is not from us .

  • L Garou

    Not even so much as a good caning..