Tech Firms Influencing EU Regulators

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Privacy watchdogs have claimed that European Union data protection laws are being “copied and pasted” directly from technology firm lobby documents.

Major tech firms are lobbying the European regulators to make amendments to the General Data Protection Regulation, which restricts how companies access, retain and process user data.

According to research from Privacy International, several MEP committee members have cut and paste suggestions  from tech firm submissions, and have named the worst offenders.

Conservative MEP for the West Midlands, Malcolm Harbour, has been named by the watchdog, accusing him of copying and pasting over 25% of his contributions, while Sajjad Karim, Conservative MEP for the North West of England copied 23% of hers and Giles Chichester, Conservative MEP for South West England and Gibraltar, copied and pasted 22%.

Anna Fielder, of Privacy International said:

“Certain companies will always be willing and able to throw millions of dollars behind lobbying efforts to ensure that new legislation doesn’t interfere with their business models – particularly if those models are dependent on invading people’s rights to privacy and data protection.

“We would hope that MEPs are taking all sides of the argument into account when making law, not just the richest and most powerful corporate interests.”