Rebecca Gordon: Terror, Torture and US Wars of Vengeance Diminish Our Humanity


In this interview, Rebecca Gordon, author of American Nuremberg: The US Officials Who Should Stand Trial for Post-9/11 Crimes, says if US officials are not held accountable for torture and other alleged war crimes committed after 9/11, the American people and US leaders are likely to allow these crimes to be committed again.

Mark Karlin: When Obama assumed the presidency in 2009, there were a lot of leaked news reports that his advisers were debating prosecuting Bush administration officials for torture. However, Obama decided against it. Why did you choose to address this issue now, in your 2016 book?

Rebecca Gordon: Because here it is 2016, and no one has been held accountable for the crimes committed in the so-called war on terror. One result is what we’ve seen during the current season of primary elections: Republican candidates for president are competing to see who can promise to commit the most crimes.


“There’s a reason why there are laws against starting wars, and that is because war creates so much painful death and human misery.”


We’ve heard Ben Carson [the former GOP candidate] say he was okay with the deaths of thousands of children if that’s what it takes to defeat ISIS. We’ve heard Ted Cruz offer to carpet bomb them into submission, and promise to “find out” whether “sand can glow in the dark.” A…

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