Radiating The People: Fukushima’s Cancer Legacy (New Release)

Cancer – One of the biggest concerns, not only for Japan but globally, as a result of the Fukushima nuclear disaster from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that cripple Japan’s nuclear plant.

Journeyman Pictures takes an in-depth look into the alarming spike of Thyroid cancer and cancer clusters found well away from the so-called “no-go zone” surrounding Fukushima, which is a known effect of radiation.

Via the video details:

What terrifies parents most is a government they feel they can’t trust. It’s created a culture of fear; one which has led a number of women post-Fukushima to have abortions because they were worried about birth defects. “The doctors in Fukushima say that it shouldn’t be coming out so soon, so it can’t be related to the nuclear accident. But that’s very unscientific, and it’s not a reason we can accept”, Dr Sugenoya insists. “It was disclosed that the Fukushima health investigation committee was having several secret meetings. I feel the response has been unthinkable for a democratic nation”, Dr Minoru Kamata from the Japan Chernobyl Foundation says.

As has been reported at ENENews,a Japanese lawmakers has said “Children coming down with many health problems… this is reality.”

Further news on these supposed safe zones, from a  different report “People resettling areas 10 to 15 km from plant with “radiation levels still very, very high and even lethal in some cases” – Hotspots 60 to 70 km away same level as ghost towns in Chernobyl.”