Racist Burger King Sign: “Now Hiring, Must Be Mexican”


Billboard prompts fury on fast food giant’s Facebook page

Paul Joseph Watson

A huge sign outside a Burger King fast food restaurant in Ephrata, Washington is causing outrage because of its racist tone. The billboard reads, “Now Hiring Must Be Mexican.”

The image was posted on KFFM 1073′s website, alongside a poll which asked,”I’m not exactly sure of the reasoning. Maybe none of the current staff can speak español or perhaps they need to fulfill their EEO report, I’m not exactly sure. What do you think? Do you find this sign offensive or are you okay with their honesty.”

82 per cent of the respondents to the poll say that they find the sign offensive.

It’s possible that the managers of the restaurant meant to advertise for a bilingual or Spanish-speaking employee, but their choice of words is clearly discriminatory.

The sign has also prompted outrage on the fast food giant’s official Facebook page, with some people calling for a lawsuit and others demanding that the chain be boycotted.

“Tell all of Burger King to take their company to Mexico and abide by legal hiring practices here in the good ole USA — This is NOT MEXICO,” writes Mark Berreth.

Imagine the backlash if Burger King posted a sign outside one of its restaurants which said “Now Hiring Whites Only.” That’s almost as racist as the sign in Ephrata, and yet over 24 hours since the image caused outrage, Burger King has failed to address the issue.

Others have suggested that the sign is racist towards Mexicans, suggesting that the managers are trying to exploit cheap labor.

Source: Infowars

  • Dave

    The white hating leftwing will remain totally silent in the face of this outrageous ad placed by some loathsome Caucasian hating Spanic from “Mehico” who thrives in our country with its organized system of efficient delivery of food & (clean) water, while insulting us at the same time.
    I curse those who advocate open borders with these Indian savages daily & with great vigor!
    By the way, the “chosen” tribe is primarily behind our open borders madness while they remain firmly entrenched in having a racist immigration system in Israel.

    • Manuel

      Oh be quiet. It’s not like anyone else would want to work at BK anyways.

      Look at In-n-out. They only hire white people. You don’t see anyone crying about that. White people just love to cry about nothing.

      • Onsiterepair

        The white population is now less then 60%, around 14% is black, a bit more then
        that is Hispanic, and then we have a large population from Asia, the middle east
        and elsewhere. So at 82% it looks like its more then just white ppl who are not
        too happy about it. By 2020 whites will be less then 50% of US population if
        things keep going like they are now, and that peer reviewed statistics.

    • ThePatriotMuckraker

      What can say, 100% correct.

  • tulanzuya

    It’s very hard to get a job in the medical industry in most parts of WA state, too, if you don’t speak Spanish. But, at least Americans of other races can learn how to do that if they really want to. Nobody can change their ethnic heritage in order to get a job that will only hire one race. That is why we have laws against racial discrimination in hiring. Maybe it was a lost cause and we should just get rid of all those laws, since they don’t seem to apply to everyone anyway.

    • Onsiterepair

      Learning to speak spanish to get a job I think will be met with the same thing
      the Mexicans have done, and that is migration.

      Ppl are voting with their feet and their wallets.

      During an invasion the refugees flee along what is called lines of drift.

      Something similar to that has been going on for several years as the
      government will not stop the 10’s of millions of ppl coming north
      in an undocumented fashion.

      So they do what the can and GTFO….

      What the hispanics don’t realize is the country is on the verge of
      some VERY ugly times, and why I tell my friends of all nationalities
      that when it goes wonky get away from the big cities or your dead.

      I will be bugging out for the boonies as soon as it starts getting
      more weird then sports riots…

  • carroll price

    I think any businessman (or woman) should hire anyone they damn-well please, regardless of race, color, or religion. As to Mexican workers, anyone who has ever worked Mexicans will tell you that Mexicans always show up for work on time, and with a good attitude, and will normally do twice as much work as average spoiled Americans worker who seem to think the world owes them a living and that they should work only when they feel like it.

    • Lois

      My thought is, why are non-whites in our country? Can’t they make anything of their countries?

      The problem is white people aren’t allowed to hire whoever they want to. Their rights have been stolen from them in their own country, by enemies within our government.

      That is a line, and is definitely not right about “spoiled Americans not willingly to work hard, and think they are owed a living”. You have to be kidding. The white man are of the best workers in the world. Foreigners, illegals come into this country asking for a handout. I think you’ve missed the mark. The white man has had everything stolen from him. When my children were young, they were working at 11 years old, throughout their teens, into adulthood. BUT, the government took it away from our youth in the last 50 years.

      I’m sick of the whining from the non-white. This nation is, and will always be a white Judeo/Christian nation. I am tired of this nation babysitting the non white.

      If a person is called a racist for trying to preserve their civilized nation, their culture, their heritage, their language, their faith, then you may call me a racist…so be it.

      I wish no ill will on the non white, but no more whining, no more freebies, if you don’t like our people, our culture…leave.

      • Ralph

        Sieg Heil! Lois. You sound like a christian Nazi, wanting the whole country to believe that Judeo/christian bs. This country always has been a nation of immigrants escaping the tyranny and corruption of other governments and rulers. Live with it or find a lily-white part of the world to move to. Our culture is comprised of all those who have immigrated here, not just yours.

  • Michael

    I never go to fast food restaurants and I do not care who works there since none of their pay comes from me anyway. As far as hiring only mexicans that is fine with me, I think most educated and capable people will be leaving the US soon anyway. I know it is in my plan book.
    There is simply not enough incentive to remain here any more. I can watch it all unfold from a distance.

    • Lois

      If the decent whites leave the nation, the nation will fall totally into total communism, turn into a dung hill. I guarantee it.

      • Onsiterepair

        Read the 10 planks of the communist manifesto, we are most of the way there.

        When you read Alinsky’s book and he dedicated it to the Devil what do you
        expect if that is their playbook ??? ( Rules for Radicals )

        I could keep going on other points, but why bother.

        What’s coming will look a bit like Great Depression 2, Civil War 2, and WW3,
        and the Eugenics wars all rolled into one, and it will not be limited to one
        continent and it will likely make hitler blush before its over.

        I plan to hide as best I can and want no part of it, but that is the
        bill of goods coming down the poop chute.

  • Chris

    I am a Mexican-American born in the States, I cannot speak Spanish. I wonder if I would qualify?

    • Ralph

      Chris, You are an American. Not a Mexican-American.

  • chuck sisson

    Carroll Price. I know for a fact that to leave a reply on this site you have to prove you are a human.How did you get around that one? Shill much you prog/lib creep!

    • Ralph

      You are an American. Not a Mexican-American.

  • Jay

    What this is really about is big corporations who know that Mexicans are easily intimidated and exploitable. The whole reason we have immigration without sensible limits is because big corporations want to undermine organized labor. Nobody who is pro-immigrant really cares about Mexicans or any other ethnic group, they just want cheap labor. Then they want to blame the lower middle-class white people for not assimilating the groups that they brought in to undermine those people.

    I have nothing against Mexicans or any other migrant group. I just know enough to see the obvious, an exploited group that is being brainwashed to blame its exploitation on the middle class thats already here, is obviously a recipe for disaster. And the republican hypocrites talk about limiting immigration but they never will because they work for the corporations that want exploitable labor.

  • PGray

    Not one person is required to buy anything from Burger King.

    I long ago stopped eating at Burger King, McDonalds, Jack In the Box and most such fast food places. There are RARELY, if ever, any black employees in those places. And that’s even in locations in predominantly black neighborhoods. Outrageous. Sadly, we, as an economic block, don’t even seem to see the contribution we make to our own economic demise.

    My rule: don’t buy anything from a business that fails to reflect ME!!!!

    • Dolores Jennings

      I won’t got to ANY fast food joint here in Europe. And I wouldnt move back to the USA for a million bucks.

  • Jordan Joseph

    Since “Mexican” is not a race, I wonder what the actual racial breakdown would be.

  • David Mende

    We’re all Mexican now.

    • Onsiterepair

      We are all Mexican now, lol, some truth to that in the section that has been labelled
      Aztlan in California school books handed out in the spanish speaking only classes.

      Go to Youtube and search for Aztlan.

      Anyone who lives in the SW United States needs to leave now while they can.

      Yo may be brave, you may be ex-military, but it won’t matter…you will be
      overrun, and that is why two counties in New Mexico are closed to US citizens.

      Well that and out government is helping the drugs lords haul their stuff
      thru there and provide them with guns via operations like “fast and furious”
      and “operation gun walker”.

      As bad as it is now, this is nothing compared to what is coming…

      GTFO while you can…