Open letter from politicians demand corporations reveal tax deals

European MPs have signed an open letter that presses governments across the Continent to publish their complex tax agreements with multinational companies on a country-by-country basis.

The missive follows HMRC’s £130m tax deal with Google on a decade’s worth of profits made in the UK over ten years. By way of contrast, French authorities are reportedly pursuing the ad giant for €1.6bn (£1.3bn) in tax they claimed was avoided by using the controversial cross-border mechanism.

The open letter was signed by the chairs of parliamentary finance committees in the UK, Germany, Hungary, Finland, Norway and Slovakia, as well as senior MPs in the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Bulgaria.

In it, governments were urged to support moves for companies to reveal their revenue, profit, income paid and accrued, total employment, capital, and retained earnings in each jurisdiction they are based.


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