OKC Bombing: Evidence Of Foreknowledge

The following statement with attachments was issued by Texas freshman Congresman Steve Stockman regarding a mysterious fax message his office received just as a bomb exploded at an Oklahoma City federal building.

Also attached is a memorandum Stockman sent to Attorney General Janet Reno a month before the bombing inquiring about possible planned raids on “citizen’s militias.” In the memo, Stockman questioned the advisability and legality of the possible planned raids, suggesting that “a bloody fiasco like Waco” could result. A final attachment consists of a statement by an FBI spokesman that the Congressman’s office acted properly in their handling of the fax.

I am extremely concerned about the media reports of the last 24 hours. The facts are not being reported accurately. Here are the facts:

On the day of the Oklahoma City bombing someone sent our office an anonymous fax which appeared to relate to that tragedy. Our office – not aware of the bombing or the meaning of the fax – set it aside. Our office – like the offices of most public officials, receives every imaginable kind of mail from the public. This fax was no different.

After my staff heard news reports of the tragedy – the fax was retrieved and I was made aware of it. I immediately instructed my staff to turn the fax over to the FBI. My office did so within minutes.

There has been some confusion in the media over when my office received this fax and when we turned it over to the FBI. There has been no confusion in my office – we turned it over right away.

The FBI (Justice Department) has issued a statement confirming what I have said all along and confirming the chronology I have given.

This should end this discussion once and for all.

Once again, I want to express my wife’s and my deepest sympathy to the people of Oklahoma City. They have endured a tragedy of monumental proportions. This is a national disaster and our focus should be on those people and on their families. Our attention now must be on bringing those responsible to swift and certain punishment. The people of Oklahoma are in our prayers.

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