NYT Fairy Tale about Paris Attacks

PARIS, FRANCE - JANUARY 12: French troops patrol around the Eifel Tower on January 12, 2015 in Paris, France. France is set to deploy 10,000 troops to boost security following last week's deadly attacks while also mobilizing thousands of police to patrol Jewish schools and synagogues. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images) *** BESTPIX ***

by Stephen Lendman

(RINF) – The NYT is America’s longstanding leading voice for wealth, power and privilege exclusively – state-supportive propaganda its specialty, the most important news “fit to print” systematically suppressed.
Evidence indicates attacking Paris on November 13 was a false flag, a strategically planned military operation for events now unfolding, almost certain state-sponsored horrors to come, much like post-9/11 – the mother of all false flags, US dirty fingerprints all over what happened.
A previous article discussing the Paris incident said how could a handful of heavily armed terrorists outwit French (as well as perhaps EU and US) intelligence – successfully executing attacks on multiple sites with military precision during the height of Friday evening activities, unnoticed until they started shooting, especially when at least some of them were known to state authorities and almost certainly were kept under close surveillance.
None of this registered with The Times, explaining a false flag attack strictly verboten, never when these things occur.
Instead, it created a fairy tale about “Paris attackers hon(ing) their assault through trial and error,” absurdly calling 28-year-old Abdelhamid Abaaoud the mastermind of what happened, when clearly the incident was sophisticated state-sponsored terrorism – likely considerable planning preceding it, not by garden-variety terrorists.
Elements involved in what happened were triggermen for powerful Western (and very likely Israeli) interests, the incident used for fear-mongering to get French, other European people, Israelis and Americans to believe escalated wars and greater erosion of fundamental freedoms affords them better protection from terrorism – when the opposite is true.
With unnamed “investigators” alone mentioned as its source, nothing confirming their account, meaningless hearsay unless proved otherwise, The Times ignored the most likely culprit(s) (CIA, Mossad and French intelligence) – instead concocted a tale about Abaaoud, the designated fall guy, like falsely connecting Mohamed Atta to 9/11 and calling bin Laden the mastermind, dying at the time in a Pakistani hospital, pronounced dead of natural causes three months later, Obama having nothing to do with taking his life.
The Times claimed Abaaoud left a Kalashnikov behind in a rented car (implausible on its face), paid no heed to security cameras, boarded a No. 9 subway train, returned to the scene of the crimes, and “walked past the shattered cafes and bloodied concert hall that had been among his targets” – with no verifiable proof supporting his involvement in anything, regardless of his whereabout that evening.
The Times claimed he spent “a year plotting terror in Europe” with no success until November 13. Again, where’s the proof? None offered, accusations without evidence alone.
Unnamed investigators cited claimed he planned more attacks to follow, and intended to die himself as a suicide bomber in the heart of the Paris region’s business district.”
Was a note discovered, verified in his handwriting, stating all this? Or are these claims pure rubbish, the usual Big Lies covering up state-sponsored terrorism, the facts eventually revealed when it’s too late to matter, huge damage already done.
The entire Times scenario has a familiar odor. Major media reports have no credibility whatever, entirely one-sided, suppressing what people most need to know, substituting managed news misinformation and Big Lies.
Recently leaked emails showed CNN global affairs correspondent Elise Labott communicated with Clinton State Department staffer Philippe Reines, then “tweet(ed) on request” showing support for his boss.
Ignore scoundrel media accounts about Abaaoud and other alleged Paris attackers. When killed or unable to explain their side, they tell no tales.
Don’t ever expect long ago discredited major media admissions about false flags and other forms of state terrorism – the real threat humanity faces, not garden variety bad guys whoever they are.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com.
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  • tomherzog

    The so-called “war on terror” is a sham! The real war is the war that the 0.01% financial elites are carrying out against their own nations in the West.

    Neoliberalism and globalization have allowed these financial elites to become fabulously wealthy as they moved overseas to wage-slave havens to have their wealth created by people essentially enslaved in China and South Asia. It was by these means that the elites could then abandon the people of their own nations in America and Western Europe. Once these nations had been abandoned (i.e. jobs shipped overseas) the next step of the elites was to loot their own nations through the financialization of the economies. This involves transferring the wealth that the middle-classes had managed to accumulate since the Second World War into the hands of the elite. This was the purpose of the housing bubble, the mortgage crises and the bank bailouts with taxpayer money in the first decade of the 21st century.

    Make no mistake about it the “war on terror” is a fraud, but the war by the financial elite against their nations is very real. The so-called war on terror has been manufactured by those same elites to divert attention away from their crimes and to instill ever increasing fear in the very people the elites are robbing and abandoning.

    Wake up America! The criminals are not some boogy-man terrorist in black pajamas. ( Although it’s too involved to discuss here, and tangential to my point, ISIL is largely a creature of the CIA and Mossad.) The criminals are your own “leaders”; the financiers, bankers, capital accumulators and parasites who for decades used you, the middle-class to create their wealth from the goods and services you worked to produce in their economic system, capitalism. Now that the financial elite no longer need you to produce their wealth (China and South Asia does that for them) they are going to abandon you if not kill most of you outright.

    It’s a war America; the real war — not the phony war on terror — is being waged against you and the middle class of Europe. It’s past time you recognize you’re in an undeclared war and start to fight back!