Mother-of-four says housing benefit cap has left her cold and hungry

Ms Millard (left) with Rachel Reeves MP (centre) and Catherine West (right)

A mother has told of the devastating impact the so-called ‘bedroom tax’ has had on her life.

Disabled mother-of-four Karen Millard, of Mulberry Gardens, Crouch End, says the cap on housing benefit means she is forced to give up the simple human comforts of warmth, food and family.

Ms Millard, 59, has osteoarthritis, a condition that causes joint pain, which can make it difficult to walk and move around, especially in cold weather.

She said: “The bedroom tax affects me in a lot of ways, it impacts the way I heat my house because I can’t afford to have the heating on for very long so it limits how warm I can keep the place.

“The bedroom tax also limits the amount of food I can buy, after I’ve paid council tax and all my bills I can’t properly support myself when buying food.

“I am in pain every day due to my condition and not being able to keep warm or buy the right food makes it worse.

“The stress of the extra financial burden has put my blood pressure up too also worsening my condition.”

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