Massive EU Traveler Database in Development

RINF Alternative News

There are plans to create a massive database to log every instance of a non-EU citizen entering and leaving the bloc.

Peter Hustinx, the European Data Protection Supervisor said that the operation was not only invasive, but fiscally inefficient. He described the motives (logging and keeping track of non-EU citizens) as one that can be accomplished with the current databases they have.

A Registered Traveler Programme, called Smashborders, was proposed by the European Commission. The purpose was to focus on frequent business travelers, or those with relatives in the country. The travel of these persons would be monitored with an Entry/Exit System.

The Registered Traveler Programme would utilize automated border control systems to record the time and place of entry/exit. National authorities would be alerted if the visitor hasn’t left the bloc in the allotted time. This proposal is considered an upgrade over the current travel document stamps routine.

Hustinx was quoted saying there is no evidence that these grandiose proposals would even be fulfilled and has yet to see any evidence that validates the need to pay for such a system. After pointing out the databases already being used (which he claims are sufficient), Hustinx said it’s risky to give law enforcement access to the data within them.

If the proposal goes through, the European Commission hopes to have it up and running by 2018.