‘Before Long It Will All Be Over’ – Lights Out, Republic!

By Susan Duclos

Author’s Note – While I do not agree with all of what Glenn Beck says, in fact, I probably disagree  with him as often if not more often than I agree, the video below is a must-see….. listen closely because what he describes is the end of America as we know it.

We have heard warnings time and again about the militarization of law enforcement across the country, how protests and riots we have witnessed over the past few years have each been used by the US government to bring us one step closer to full government control, turning America in a police state. We have seen calls for more “gun control,” seen demands that we federalize the local and state police forces, military and battlefield assets being used here on US soil, seen the Obama administration label veterans, Christians, constitutionalists, survivalists, preppers and others as “threats,” or “extremists,” all in preparation for this government takeover so that these patriotic Americans can be treated as enemy combatants when the time arrives to implement the end game agenda.

Transcript can be found at this Glenn Beck  link and a partial transcript of the relevant portion will be shown below the video.

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