The Industrial-Depression Complex

Karen De Coster

A recent Pharmaceutical Street Journal (WSJ) headline grabbed me when I read, “Can a Smartphone Tell if You’re Depressed?” The gist of the story is the usual: Yes, you’re depressed and don’t tell us you’re not because you just don’t realize it…and now we’re going to help you by tracking you with technology and mood-reading contrivances.

Depression is a principal revenue tool of the rent-seeking Big Pharma brigade comprised of pharmaceutical companies allied with policy-making government fat cats and a medical cartel of doctors, public universities, healthcare interests, and elevated “experts” who treat the Hippocratic Oath is a largely irrelevant recommendation. And the power of this monkey farm is further enabled by the legion of self-sacrificing serfs who confess perpetual ignorance and bend on one knee at the altar of Conventional Wisdom as determined by the anointed experts. In other words, the herd is largely dependent upon the government and industry “experts” to determine their individual well-being, and in doing so, they are content with being ruled and regulated and un-scienced into medical-psychological servitude.

The “Depressed,” as determined by the founders and enforcers of the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), have their day-to-day actions translated into “symptoms” that fit into a very broad category of behaviors and/or functions. Modern technological advancements now allow for “health-surveillance technology” to track an individual’s psychological well-being based on the collection of personal data that is measured by assorted members of the “HealthCare” brigade who have a financial interest — drugs, treatment, insurance — in that individual. And yes, the US government is funding the studies to develop the invasive apps that will, and I quote:

records and analyzes patients’ vocal patterns during telephone calls to predict if someone is on the verge of depression or mania.

The apps will use voice analysis (pace and response and tone), movement, sleep, stress reaction, social interaction, etc., to determine if one should be scooped up by the Depression-Industrial complex for further treatment. So the conventional wisdom that drives profits to the industrial-medical-pharmaceutical complex as a whole will be supported by good old algorithms, that very thing that determines how and when to ding you when you didn’t pay your Mastercard on time. Slowly, the individual judgment of trained and unbiased, science-educated professionals is being replaced by Orwellian apparatuses using algorithms that are determining “sickness” and designating individuals into collective classes of crazy. One such description of disease is, to quite the article:

signs of possible depression, such as when a person suddenly stops calling family members or stays inside the house for a week

While these apps have the principal aim of detecting psychological issues, they will also be used to “flag patients” who “aren’t motivated to take their medications or follow their exercise and rehabilitation regimens, doctors say.” Take your pills or they’re coming after you. One person who was a subject of the article expresses apprehension at the extent of the invasive tracking, but as usual, relents when she’s told it’s for her best interest because the experts say so.

 Ms. Dye says she was told the app would record her location and how far she traveled, but she didn’t realize that her behavior was being probed for a link to depression. She says she doesn’t mind the extent of the tracking, because it was in service of her health care […]

Medical policing will be the next major uptick in the crushing of individual freedom concerning one’s own body. Welcome to the land of the unfree, the home of the cowardly.

The powerful propaganda machine created by the government-Big Pharma alliance has the job of lying to the citizenry, and making them dependent on their products and services by creating and selling sickness. This grows the governmental public health sector and empowers the public-private sector alliance. The result is political power, profits, and job creation. This consortium of health tyrants re-define the parameters of sickness so that, eventually, we are all a high risk for some potentially disastrous health debacle, and thus we become lifelong patients. And now they have the means to technologically enslave the masses to this hugely profitable racket.

About thirty years ago, Merck’s CEO Henry Gadsden told Fortune magazine it was a shame that the company’s products could only be limited to “sick people.” As cited in the book Selling Sickness: How the World’s Biggest Pharmaceutical Companies Are Turning Us All Into Patients, by Ray Moynihan and Alan Cassels:

Suggesting he’d rather Merck to be more like chewing gum maker Wrigley’s, Gadsden said it had long been his dream to make drugs for healthy people. Because then, Merck would be able to “sell to everyone.”

This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.