Independent journalist in Ukraine needs our help – keep truth alive

Mick Meaney

(RINF) – George Eliason was the first western journalist to write unbiased reports about the ongoing events in Ukraine, and now he needs our help. George is in desperate need of a camera to help him document the facts that counter the onslaught of propaganda from governments and the corporate media.

This is the exact reason RINF exists – to support independent journalism, and the reason that you continue to visit the site.

Please take a look at his indiegogo appeal and contribute whatever you can – it is only with your help can independent journalists continue to report the truth.

Speaking to George today I asked him about this vital project:

What’s your background in journalism?
I have been writing historical papers for years. During the last year, I became really active in journalism. I wrote the first articles in the west about what was really going on in Kiev at Maidan and broke a lot of the news about the events in Ukraine afterward in western media. I wrote the first stories about Kiev’s attack on Donbass and broke many of the stories about Ukraine’s atrocities here. I am also the first English language journalist in Donbas and the only one that’s never left. I live here.

What kind of help do you need and why is it important?
Right now, I am doing a crowdfunding appeal at indiegogo. If you go to the updates tab my efforts are being endorsed by some of the best-read publications in America and worldwide. We need to purchase a news quality camera. With it we are going to provide news and documentary video to publications like RINF free of charge. This is something that hasn’t been done before and it brings up the bar for news gathering in Donbass while allowing RINF to play at the same level of even RT. Secondly and just as importantly we need to reopen a bread bakery. We plan on providing a self-sustaining humanitarian operation. It’s detailed at the site.

How can people support you?
People can support us by considering giving a donation and spreading the appeal in your social networks. The more people involved the better.