Hillary Clinton no friend of working class: Analyst

Low-skilled workers in the United States have increasingly failed to earn a living wage due to corporate greed in the country, an issue that American politicians only address in times of elections, says a political analyst.

“The minimum wage in the US has lagged behind costs of living for decades and it sentences millions of people to poverty even as they are working full-time jobs,” Daniel Patrick Welch told Press TV on Thursday.

The analyst was speaking about the “Fight for 15” nationwide Save campaign which seeks wage hikes at low-paying fast food restaurants.

On Tuesday, the three-year-old nationwide labor movement held its largest demonstration to date, when thousands of fast-food workers went on a one-day strike in 270 American cities.

The movement has so far been endorsed by Democratic US presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

“It is definitely a good thing that there is this push, especially in fast-food industry, where you have deep pockets, these enormous international corporations that are taking in record profits,” Welch said.


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