What Happened To America? Assassination Attempts And Threats Are Being Sanctioned…. Where Is The Outrage?

By Susan Duclos

Love her or hate her, Pamela Geller has been one of the defining voices over the years warning of the erosion of American freedoms, guaranteed by the US Constitution, and she has courageously put her life on the line to prove her assertions….. ironically it was ISIS and/or ISIS sympathizers that finally made her point for her, helping escalate her fight for America’s liberties to the headlines of every major news outlet.

Recently Ms. Geller helped sponsor a “Draw Muhammed” contest, where two men wearing body armor, carrying assault rifles, one of which declaring loyalty to ISIS, were killed after trying to ambush the event which was held in Garland Texas.

Over the years I have watched Ms. Geller attempt to wake up the masses to what has been happening, in America, right under our noses, she has been called a “hate monger,” been called an “Islamophobe,” among other charges because she asserts that the US has been insidiously heading toward a place where “Sharia Law” replaces US law, turning America, the Land of the Free into Amerika where the US constitution is nothing more than paper with no meaning.

ISIS has now openly called for the death of Ms. Geller and anyone that protects her, with further assertions that there are “71 trained soldiers in 15 different states ready at our word to attack,” specifying five states where attacks will occur, those are Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, Michigan and California.”

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