German opposition demands probe into BND/NSA surveillance & industrial espionage

(RT) – The German opposition is threatening legal action against the government unless it shares detailed information on the extent of ties between the German BND and the NSA. Meanwhile Germany’s top prosecutor has launched an investigation into the latest leaks

“Merkel has to show now whether she wants to explain it or cover it up,” Konstantin von Notz, MP of the Green party told DPA. Meanwhile Green leader Martina Renner warned of a possible lawsuit if the government fails to investigate the issue.

Another member of the opposition Left Party also requested more information from Merkel’s government, in particular Interior
Minister Thomas de Maiziere and Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier about the BND’s “assistance” to the NSA.

“This appears to be reaching a criminal dimension,” Christian Stroebele, a senior Greens member of parliament, told
the Rheinische Post newspaper.

“If we do not get an insight, it means that the spies, who broke the law, are protected,” Martina Renner of the Left
party said. The government “has to decide, whose side it is on.”

Some members of the CDU’s ruling coalition partner, the Social Democrats (SPD), have called for de Maiziere’s resignation.

According to reports based on Edward Snowden’s leaks, the BND has collaborated with the NSA for at least a decade. It engaged in
industrial and political espionage, with targets ranging from Chancellor Angela Merkel to the French government and the
European Commission — and it has allegedly shared at least some of the information with the American colleagues.

Airbus has already threatened a lawsuit over matters pertaining to industrial espionage since the revelations. “We are alarmed
because there is concrete suspicion of industrial espionage,” the European aviation consortium said.

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