If GCHQ mass surveillance catches terrorists why not armed gangs?

The Metropolitan Police has warned that London’s most dangerous gangs are continuously spreading their criminal acts in other cities of the UK.

“What we are noticing is that gangs are spreading their wings, so rather than working in London, they are going into the counties, even Scotland, to deal drugs. So basically it’s an expanding trade,” Detective Chief Inspector Tim Champion from the Met’s Operation Trident gang crime command said on Friday.

It is estimated that there are some 4,500 making up over 250 recognized gangs in London alone, which are responsible for crimes ranging from drug dealing and armed robbery to theft, the Met says.

“We have communication with all our colleagues in the county forces and in Scotland, so distance isn’t an issue if you are actually talking about operations from a London perspective, but we work with local forces from up there. So it’s not always the case we have to go up there ourselves.”

Police officers say that of these recognised gangs, 54 of them are operating in London and have “tentacles” in other towns and cities around the UK, and have increased activities around the regions outside of London but, at the same time, responsible for as much as two-thirds of crime in the capital.

As far as the spread of criminal active by the gangs analysts say they increases their ‘patch’ to take advantage of the home counties’ police lack of experience in dealing with organized crime compared to Scotland Yard.

We have established that 54 gangs are responsible for two-thirds of serious crime in London. Why have these criminals not been arrested as part of the mass surveillance operations carried out by our spy agency GCHQ in conjunction with MI5 and the police? British spy chiefs and our political leaders are fastidiously sticking to the ‘we do this to stop terrorists from harming the public’ hymn. Why then are the spooks collecting data such as phone calls, geo-location, relationships, banking, purchases, emails, web site data, metadata, social media, in App data etc and not using to catch the really bad guys?

The reason is simple. If they could, they would. But they can’t, so they haven’t.

Criminal gang activities cause considerably greater harm to our communities and to our nation than terrorists have ever done. The number of murders, deaths, injuries, loss of property, liberty and the like as a direct result of gun-toting, drug dealing gangs dwarfs that of London’s 7/7 terror bombing and carnage.

The 7/7 transport bombings were carried out by an 18 year old, one of 19, 22 and 30. Are we supposed to believe that none of these were connected by email, social media, mobile phones etc?

It is estimated that 7.7% of the nations GDP or £124,000,000,000 (£124bn), or £4,700 for every household is the financial cost of violent crime in the UK. This includes the cost of police investigations, courts and prison expenditure as well as a vast amount in lost productivity. This sum outstrips the annual cost of running the NHS. A 9% reduction would have paid for the entire cost of the London Olympics.

There are constant questions and constant doubts over whether all of the UK’s police forces have the ability, skills and appropriate resources to deal with the complexities, problems, scale and difficulties of fighting modern day gangs and the crimes they perpetrate. The public needs to ask the question of government that if the mass surveillance exercise in the UK is for our protection, why are they not protecting us and keeping us out of harms way by using it? And, if these gangs cannot be caught then why the mass surveillance at huge cost to the taxpayer in the first place?

Reprinted with permission.