Exposed: Israel largely controls US electoral process

America’s unconditional support for Israel is driven largely by its influence on the US electoral process, a political activist from California says.

“The military assistance and the economic aid and the help that the United States gives in the United Nations to protect Israel with its veto power… comes largely from domestic politics, not because this benefits the United States,” Paul Larudee, co-founder of the Free Palestine Movement, said on Thursday.

“It is because it benefits the person who is running for office in the United States and this is because Israel has taken control, to a large degree, of the electoral process and the processes of government,” Larudee told Press TV.

US and Israeli officials are discussing Tel Aviv’s request of an increase in the overall size of the current military aid package from $3 billion to around $5 billion a year.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met US President Barack Obama for the first time in a year at the White House on Monday, and spent much of their time discussing ways to expand US military assistance to Israel.

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