Distributed database defence: Datos IO delivers its distinctives

Datos IO has announced the launch of its RecoverX distributed database protection and recovery tool, designed, we’re told, to specifically protect against the sort of AWS outage in Sydney El Reg reported on Monday.

Enterprises, Datos IO declares, need dedicated cloud-native data protection to recover applications quickly and completely from disasters like this rainy washout.

Datos says it “has the industry’s only next-gen recovery platform, specifically designed to protect distributed databases like Cassandra Apache, MongoDB, Hbase, AWS and beyond.”

Such databases are distributed across cluster nodes and have eventual consistency from their BASE (Basically Available, Soft state, Eventual consistency) semantics. These contrast to traditional RDBMS ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) transaction semantics. That means their backup and recovery software needs to be aware of this in order to provide effective recovery services.

Datos IO says it’s the first supplier to provide this with the RecoverX product, which features:

  • Consistent Orchestrated Distributed Recovery (CODR) architecture that is not dependent on media servers, and transfers data in parallel to and from file-based and object-based secondary storage for cluster-consistent backups and recovery
  • Scalable versioning at any interval and granularity
  • Semantic deduplication
  • One-click recovery in minutes for operational recovery and test/dev use

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