Threat to the establishment, David Icke, speaks out over ‘calculated’ Australia speaking visa delay


by Mick Meaney

(RINF) – In a statement to RINF Alternative News, the UK’s most prominent political researcher, David Icke, has revealed why he believes the Australian government has prevented him from speaking in the country.

Despite being approved for entry in both 2009 and 2011, last week it emerged that his most recent application which he made in September, as part of his forthcoming ‘Worldwide Wake Up’ tour, has been denied. Additionally a significant amount of paperwork has been requested, that further delays the process.

This is an indication that as Mr Icke’s popularity and influence has grown through the decades, he has now become a very real threat to the establishment, in particular governments that are under the control of the British Monarchy.

Once dismissed as an outlandish ‘conspiracy theorist’, David Icke’s research into the political spectrum, corporate corruption and crimes of the establishment demonstrate a level of credibility and accuracy that you will rarely find in the mainstream media. This combined with his unique ability to accurately predict political moves on the world stage, often years in advance, has forced many to sit up and take notice.

Speaking to RINF, David Icke said:

‘The Australian government through their embassy in London has embarked on a calculated delay with the visa to stop my speaking events in the summer without actually officially banning me – which would expose their true motivations with regard to basic freedoms in Australia.

They will have to do that eventually, or relent, but for now they are systematically squeezing the run-up time to the events that will soon make it impossible for them to take place. It is not possible to finalise everything obviously until I have permission to enter the country and they know that.

They are playing the same juvenile game with others, too.

The blatant and child-like behaviour of the Australian authorities with regard to my speaking visa is testament to where the real power lies if only people would realise this simple fact.

I am one man living 13,000 miles away while they have the full force of the Australian and even global establishment (cabal) behind them. Yet they are frightened of me coming into their country to deliver information that they don’t control.

They are terrified of information because its suppression is their lifeblood and their means of control through the perception deception. I have had the same situation in Canada since the 1990s and I have found the authorities in both countries to be mirrors of each other – both ultimately answer to the British establishment and monarchy.

The way to stop this is for a public outcry and campaign against their arrogant and tyrannical efforts to stop their people hearing information that they freely choose to hear. The response so far has been good, but it never ceases to amaze me that people who claim that ‘something should be done’ about the deletion of freedom can’t even be bothered to sign an online petition or write an email.

Then they say in relation to the state of the world: ‘But what can we do?’ I have to laugh or I would cry.

We have also had the grotesque sight of a man in New Zealand having the video I made explaining the situation taken down by YouTube on the grounds of an outline of Australia on a computer screen in the background that the man claims he owns.

That is an extraordinary statement about his priorities with regard to human freedom and this is such an example of why it is so easy for a few to control the masses. Child-like authorities need child-like people to control and prosper and the human race is awash with them.

Until that is changed nothing else can.

But at least many more are awakening from the mind program – and we now need urgently to go to the next stage when action replaces mere words, even if it only means signing a petition or writing an email to a minister.

The fact that so few have done so thus far when compared with the numbers who have seen the story shows how far we still have to go.

Defending basic freedom? Can’t be bothered, mate.’

Supporters have rallied to sign a petition calling for Mr Icke to be allowed into the country, which at the time of publication has almost 3,000 signatures. The petition will be forwarded to Australia’s Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Peter Dutton.