Cops Kill Man for Refusing to ID as He Dropped Off Stray Cat to Animal Shelter, Police Remain Silent

In late December of 2014, Robert Earl Lawrence, 30, in an act of compassion, took a stray cat to the Dothan Animal Shelter. What was a seemingly selfless act of kindness would subsequently end with Lawrence being fatally gunned down by a cop.

Almost four months after that fateful day, police have provided the public with no more answers than were given the day after the killing. They have maintained a blanket of virtual silence surrounding the incident. As we reported previously , the staff at the shelter, rather than simply accepting the cat, proceeded to demand that Lawrence show government issued identification.

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Per shelter policy, they demanded Lawrence show ID, prior to being allowed to leave, according to information released by police immediately after the shooting. Lawrence showed them a notarized legal identification in the form of an affidavit, rather than the standard Department of Motor Vehicle issued ID card.

In what would prove to be a fatal move, shelter employees refused to accept his form of ID and called the police.