Congress vows to probe CIA tapes

US Congress has vowed to investigate the CIA’s destruction of videotapes despite Justice Department advice that the agency not cooperate.

Republican US Rep. Pete Hoekstra of Michigan said on Sunday that “we want to hold the community accountable for what’s happened to these tapes,” adding that “our investigation should move forward”.

Hoekstra said CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden should be held accountable for what he called misleading statements by the agency during his term, which began in 2006 after the tapes had been destroyed.

The Justice Department last week urged the CIA not to cooperate, saying it could interfere with the department’s investigation, however, under new Attorney General Michael Mukasey, it said it would investigate the destruction.

The CIA said it destroyed the tapes lawfully and did so out of concern for the safety of agents involved in the negotiations if the recordings were ever made public.