Chicago police sexually abused prisoner at ‘black site’ — report

One of the people held at the Chicago police’s notorious “black site” at Homan Square claims the officers sexually abused him into agreeing to participate in a drug sting. Security footage from the facility shows the man was indeed held there.

Angel Perez, now 33, claims several Chicago PD officers seized him, took him to a sparsely furnished room and bent him over a bench, according to a report by the Guardian. He said the room smelled of urine and recalled seeing bloodstains. One of the officers first ran a metal object along his back and then allegedly jammed it up his rectum. Perez believes it was a handgun.

“He jammed it in there and I started jerking and going all crazy — I think I kicked him — and I just go into a full-blown panic attack,” Perez told news outlet. “The damage it caused, it pretty much swole [sic] my rear end like a baboon’s butt.”


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