Chemtrails over Morecambe

By Albert Shine

I am assuming that the reader is familiar with the difference between ‘Contrails’; that is condensation trails (vapour trails) left behind highflying aircraft, consisting of water vapour that fades away within a few minutes, and what has become known as ‘Chemtrails’ (chemical trails), also from highflying aircraft, that persist across the sky for some considerable time and evolve into wispy longitudinal clouds. With the passage of time the wispy clouds tend to coalesce into an unnatural hazy overcast. Circumstantial empirical observation shows that there is some form of aerosol spraying of artificial chemicals into our atmosphere from considerable numbers of medium and large jet aircraft. The aircraft involved seem to follow flight paths contrived to result in ‘X’s’, grid patterns of parallels or ‘noughts and crosses’. This ‘designer pollution’ has been carried out for about a decade and is an ongoing programme over many parts of the Western World. The origin and purpose of this programme remains unknown to the general population, but coincides with (a) a widespread reduction (by approx 20%) in solar energy reaching the ground, and (b) a huge increase in asthma and other breathing related diseases of almost epidemic proportions. In addition, many folk endure frequent bouts of vaguely flu like symptoms, summer colds etc.

One day in Morecambe

Friday 10th August dawned bright with clear blue skies. By around 8am or so (I did not record the exact time), a number of heavy jet planes had started drawing dense chemtrails across the sky over Morecambe. By 9.30am or so the ‘trailing’ had become very obvious, and I took a few pictures of the sky around my flat from 945am:


The blue of the sky gradually degraded into a misted effect as the aircraft trails spread and coalesced by 10.30am or so:


I estimate there were perhaps over a dozen aircraft involved in the operation, criss-crossing over Morecambe. The spraying operation continued, and I took further photos at 10.45am, by which time, the persisting trails were spreading out and joining up into a murky overcast:


By 11.30am the entire sky had clouded over with a sort of milky haze:


This ‘white-out’ has, so far continued as I write this (3.45pm) and it is quite obvious that the change in the sky has been brought about by the effects of the aerosol spraying of chemicals into our atmosphere. As a contrast, here below is a photo taken at 4pm on7th August (there were no over flights on that day), following is a photo of a natural ‘contrail’ fading at the same rate as the progress of the aircraft across the sky.


Other researchers have tried to get answers from various agencies (RAF, CAA, DoE etc) as to what is going on and why, but the replies so far blandly maintain these are mere ordinary contrails.

It is obvious to all who observe this activity that something is definitely going on, possibly involving a dedicated fleet of airplanes spraying over populated areas. It is up to us all to ‘raise our eyes to heaven’, observe and preferably photograph the evidence and push the relevant authorities, not only for answers, but for an end to this pernicious and possibly poisonous behaviour.