Caught On Tape: Police Officers Violating Fourth Amendment

RINF Alternative News

Police officers in Garland Texas have been caught on video camera violating a homeowners fourth amendment rights.

Jon Locke’s home surveillance cameras recorded officers rummaging through duffle bags, searching a car in his driveway and turning a surveillance camera the other way.

The officers, who did not have permission to conduct searches on the property, were looking for Jon Locke’s brother, Christopher, a convicted felon with an arrest warrant accusing him of fraud.

George Dix, a University of Texas at Austin law professor and authority on criminal procedure, said he believes the unlawful search violated Mr Locke’s Fourth Amendment rights:

“I continue to think the officers unreasonably searched the vehicle[s] and duffle bags. The manipulation of and damage to the camera was, in my view, an unreasonable seizure.

“Whatever Garland ‘policy’ may be, I think the Fourth Amendment was violated.

“The basis of Fourth Amendment law is that officers are not entitled invade citizens interests and rights on the basis of purely fishing expeditions.”


Watch what the surveillance cameras recorded: