Britain’s Draft Investigatory Powers Bill AKA Population Control 3.0

If the government has anything to do with it, privacy just got a whole lot worse. What the draft Investigatory Powers Bill holds for everyone is exactly what all the criticism was about in the first place — except it attempts to make it lawful.

The Bill proposes that instead of deceiving every citizen in the UK it will now simply admit to carrying out mass collection of our data and still hack into and bug our personal devices such as computers and smart phones. It’s the Snoopers Charter but as previous attempts were rejected, the Home Secretary is having another stab at it. Same thing, different words.

We already knew that the security services were doing this but instead of storing all this information, they now propose that ISP’s or internet service providers capture, or steal — depending on your view, every single online movement you make and hand it over to whoever, whenever. Specifically, the security services, the police and “other public bodies”.

We are talking about every single internet user as well, no exceptions; your mum, aunty, granny and your little daughter. Well, just one lucky little category escapes this Orwellian occupation of personal space …. politicians. Of course! And who is the only person who can authorise the hacking of their data — the prime minister. Sounds ominous doesn’t it!

Theresa May went as far as to say that she had ‘engaged’ prior to preparing the draft with certain civil liberty groups. Who exactly, because all the civil liberties groups in the UK have gone to great efforts to bring back some of our hard fought-for liberties that were stolen whilst the perpetrators were hiding from public view.

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