How the Billionaires Bought “Justice” for Scott Walker

Scott Walker is the perfect example of how billionaires can purchase justice a la carte to protect their pet politicians.

Now that’s not to say that Scott Walker himself is a billionaire. But he has a well-known relationship with billionaires like the Koch Brothers – and their assorted front groups.

And in short, that’s why the Wisconsin Supreme Court dropped its John Doe probe into whether Scott Walker criminally violated campaign finance laws to win his recall election in 2012.

The Koch brothers and their front groups, particularly the Wisconsin Club for Growth, along with the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce group (WMC) have been setting up this ruling for almost a decade.

This story starts in 2007 with an election for an open seat on the state Supreme Court.

In that election, conservative front groups spent $2.9 million backing the conservative Annette Ziegler and attacking her liberal opponent.

Total spending on that election was four times the previous record for a Wisconsin Supreme Court race. And that was just to keep a liberal from winning the seat.

And In 2008, those same groups spent $2.7 million to unseat liberal justice Louis Butler and to put in place conservative Michael Gableman.

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