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Media coverage of protests against so called austerity measures (the piracy of state assets by international corporations), demonises protesters, ignores the political nature of protests and legitimises state violence against demonstrators. The mainstream Spanish and Greek press emphasise independence of protests from political influence, and report peaceful protests – the occupation of public spaces by camping, etc. – more than violent ones. De-politicisation of protests is also achieved by covering personal stories of individual protesters, focusing on their particular circumstances – “Maria, a nurse until last year, and currently unemployed”.


Another tactic of corporate mouthpiece media is to ignore protests. The British Brainwashing Corporation (BBC) hardly gave mention to the tens of thousands of people who clashed with police in central Madrid in March 2014. Our media masters did not see fit to show protesters being beaten with batons as they attempted to storm the headquarters of the ruling Conservative Popular Party.They dished up the usual menue of escapist bilge. They did not show the six columns of protesters, each from a different Spanish region, who carried banners proclaiming: ‘Marching for dignity’, nor a parallel protest of ‘mass civil disobedience’ in Barcelona, in which riot police again beat demonstrators with batons as they began to smash the windows of banks. The protesters marched under a banner proclaiming: ‘Disobedience 2014. They can’t control us if we disobey’.


These protests mirror ones in Greece, Italy, and Portugal. At best, the BBC might show them as footnotes, as in the case of the NHS march in Manchester in 2013, which attracted 50,000 protesters, and this comment, directed to the BBC director, Chris Patton, from Labour Party shadow health minister, Andy Burnham: ‘It was therefore a real surprise to me to return home to find what I consider only cursory coverage of the event on BBC news bulletins. As far I could see, there was no specific coverage and it was only mentioned in the wider context of Conservative Party Conference’. A real surprise? Really?


The BBC has become a mirror image of the political class – a cabal of champagne-swilling news editors from posh boy suburbs, totally cut off from the reality of declining living standards and job insecurity experienced by the masses. Its flagship news broadcasts might as well be beamed from Murdoch Towers.


They dare not show banners proclaiming: ‘Disobedience 2014. They can’t control us if we disobey’. They do not want the enslaved to develop that worst of all eventualities – a dangerous idea.


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