Attempted citizen’s arrest on Ken Livingstone


At 7.15 this evening supporters from Brian Haw’s peace camp attempted to make a citizen’s arrest of Ken Livingstone outside parliament. They were arresting him on suspicion of criminal damage, harrassment, assault, and other charges arising from his authorisation of private security guards and fencing on Parliament Square during last year to remove parts of the peace camp unlawfully.

Armed police arrived from everywhere and eventually succeeded in releasing Mr Livingstone from the clutches of Barbara Tucker and others. Then they aided and abetted his escape without listening to the charges. No arrests were made.

Barbara herself refused to submit to police bail this afternoon related to an incident where she was arrested on suspicion of unauthorised demonstration after haranguing Alan Duncan MP outside the gates of parliament back in February (

She has filed a judicial revue on the incident after she was held at Belgravia police station for nearly 20 hours at that time.